Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time out...stop and take a look....

Darlene 3... Lynda... Angela... Sheila... Bonnie...Patti... Julie... Julie (shaggy quilt on sidebar)Amy... Amy...(nothing stopping this girl) Becky... Lynda... Bernadette.... Betsy... Raedene (2 finishes) Kris (Quilted Simple)...Bernadette 1....Bernadette 2... Pat (Club Quilt)... Karen... Rose Marie... Annette... Kris (Quilted Simple)...

These a few more of the completed challenges.....If I has missed doing a link of your finished product, please let me know, I have done my best, but some days I think I may have lost the plot (bigtime) I have created a spreadsheet to keep track of everyones progress all colour coded, it looks very pretty...LOL..... here is a list of the previously posted here... here... here... here...

This challenge has been just remember no pressure in finishing finish will place you in the draw...I am looking at four prizes...two handmade by me, and the very generous Bonnie, after she signed up for the challenge Bonnie sent me an email asking if she could donate some prizes which she did, will post a photo of these in the next day for so...

Bonnie thanyou so very much......... so come on ladies you have a week....


  1. Just finished and posted about my Fifth! Hooray!

    n, np

  2. I've finished six but I'm going to try to get one more finished. Thanks so much for this incredibly fun challenge. You're the best.

  3. I'm still gunning for 5 (I have one done that is a gift that I can't post about til she receives it). This has been such fun!

  4. I hope you do this challenge again! I found you late in the game but I'd totally be up for it next year!

    I love looking at everybody's quilts.

  5. I'm working on it. May not have finishes...but progress is good, right?

  6. How sweet of both you and Bonnie - I didn't even know there was a drawing associated with this challenge. The prize for me is having more finished quilts and fewer UFO's. Thanks again - so very much.

    I just posted my third finish on my blog.

  7. I did it Peg.My fifth is posted along with one more. Thanks for puching us on the road to get quilts finish This has been really fun LOL

  8. congrats, peg, on inspiring so many others to finish those quilt projects! I have been seeing completed quilts popping up all over the place. how fun to watch that progress.


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