Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More finishes and an Angel

It is getting closer the end of July......what else is out there to be completed...check these ones out....
Becky... Debbi... Lynda... Kathy... Colleen...
Back to doing a bit more on my Angels......
Last night went to the Movies....my very special friends Dale, Kerry and myself had something to eat at Subway and then went and watched Mama Mia.....brillinat.....just loved it....a great feel
good movie....


  1. I just saw Mamma Mia also and loved it. Even the fabrics in the movie were gorgeous.

  2. Your angels are too, too cute. Love them!

  3. A cute angel. And she works on a real quilt too.

  4. I love your angel - happy and quirky. We enjoyed Mama Mia after the first ten minutes or so. It was just so frenetic at the start, trying too hard I think.

  5. Love your new angel...very good ...one more done!!
    Hoping for some more finishes...almost done with 3!!
    Hope they will be ready in time!!
    Hope Louise and my beach ladies counts...cause they are finished...:o)
    Take care

  6. I just found your blog recently - really enjoy reading about your work. You have great pics and like that you update it often.
    I love the angel applique blocks you are working on - the one posted on July 29 is great. Can the patterns be purchased online? I live in the U.S. If so, could you send me a link to them?
    Thanks so much, Karen

  7. Very cute angel block. Well done for finishing quilt no 7. You are such an inspiration.

  8. Congrats on your challenge Peg!! Your blocks look fab!!
    I have finally finished my quilt - pics on my blog!
    x Sarah

  9. Your angel is precious. You have been so "prolific" lately.

  10. I love this angel! It's adorable!

  11. Love your angel! I have that book and am so tempted to begin. Now if you had a challenge to 'start' five projects in a month, I would be a winner for sure. VBG


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