Friday, March 7, 2008

This is it......

Well this is the last of my "in the cupboard" unfinished quilt tops.....until I put more in there anyway...LOL...This is the second of the Thimbleberries Quilt Club block of the months done with Kerry - Cottage on the Hill a few years ago...this is called "Sunset Quilt"......I must admit these are my kind of colours.... Peg ... :>) ...


  1. Peg, This quilt is so beautiful (as always your quilts are!)
    I love this colors... yes, it's my taste too. *S*

  2. Another beauty, Peg. Does this mean you'll be burning the midnight oil now to fill that cupboard back up?

  3. Mmmmm - yes, they are my kind of colors, too *s*

  4. It is another beauty. Now come on and go quilt a few of them. If you quilt one a week or per two weeks, they all will be finished very soon.

  5. You do manage to pack a lot into one day. The lovely stitcheries, and all those awesome quilts. The thimbleberries one is quite to my taste too concerning the colours.
    Take care.


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