Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ruth's Quilt

Another two blocks for Ruth's Quilt, I think I may be half way, or nearly....sad night this is the last night with my boys....number one and number two sons fly out in the morning and number three son is moving in with his girlfriend, still here in town though...their Dad has cooked a baked meal for them tonight and he has does done a little entree for them....a baked shank each...my boys love baked shanks it is a win win situation here, the dogs get the bones, no waste....LOL...


  1. I'm going to start Ruths quilt too as a gift to my daughter.

  2. Going good, is this going to be finished for May as well??????

  3. It's looking lovely Peg,
    Gosh hasn't time flown. Going home already?!
    Nice to have them for the little time that they were home.
    Won't the house be quiet very soon.....

  4. you are doing well on the quilt I have only stitched 3 stitcheries so far
    hugs Beth

  5. Well Done on your stitcheries! You'll be pleased to know I have chosen my fabrics at last and when I get inspired to begin another project its ready to go!! I grizzle about having to run my girls around all the time but I'm sure it will be sad and weird when they leave home too!! Keep your chin up. Cathyx

  6. I want to come for dinner! Your photos always look so lovely Peg. Ruth's blocks are beautiful and you'll be finished in no time. I hope your boys have safe trips.


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