Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pay It Forward...

I've joined the "Pay it Forward" challenge over at Christine's blog. I have been following Christine's blog for a few months now, and no doubt about it this lady is so talented...and I could not pass up the offer to receive something hand made by her.....

The rules are that the first three people to join the challenge on my blog will receive a gift handmade by me. I will have 365 days to make and send your gift - hopefully it won't take me that long...... You must then do a post on your blog inviting 3 more people to join in and receive a handmade gift from you.

Hope that makes sense!

Sounds like it will be so much fun, so please leave a comment soon if you want to take part in the "Pay It Forward" challenge..... would love to have you play the game...........


  1. I have sat back and watched these in the past,,, I will join and see what happens.... Hope I get it right,,,

  2. Hi Peg,
    Well I have been very tempted to say yes to a few blogs laterly but you have twisted my arm. I would love to be part of your pay in forward, I did enjoy doing this last year.
    Happy Easter

  3. Peg,

    Count me in! I missed out on Christines and would definitely love to participate! Happy Easter!


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