Sunday, July 8, 2018

Live Writer Issue….my twins turn 34

34 years ago I gave birth to twin boys…

When I found out I was pregnant I was a bit shocked as I had just stopped breast feeding Luke he was 9 months old

I was to start on a mini pill as soon as I had a period…no period!!!!!

then my doctor thought he could hear 2 I was sent for a scan…

THATS it….I had two little buggers in there and they thought they were boys…

I went into labour at work…

5 weeks premmie…

there were issues so they sent me to Dubbo….

but I was blessed…3 sons under 17 months…

breast fed them for 8 months, and yes I was a jersey cow, and they got teeth before Luke  LOL…..

we did not have a lot of money so no choices…and only a few weeks off before having to go back to work…..

no maternity leave in those days….

and if it wasn’t for an awesome Husband who worked lots of nights at the Club in those days…and a an amazing Mum, who looked after he boys not sure if we would have made it….

I should of kept a note of all the bottles of breast milk I expressed

I got pretty good at it….LOL

Thursday 5th July my boys turned 34 years old……

Chris – Wrens Dad

2005-06-30 19-08-122005-06-30 19-37-39

Josh – Oscars Dad

Happy Sunday

Take care

Keep safe



  1. Ahh Peg you were not the only one.In the early days we worked hard for little income when I was pregnant with Jess I went into early labour.Bed ridden for two months in hospital a premimie baby born.Then back to work once I recovered with hospital bills the same amount as our mortgage.Tough times but happier times

  2. Hi Peg what a beautiful story and what handsome boys you have ,happy birthday Chris and Josh,you were truly blessed Peg with your boys and now your adorable grandies xx

  3. Amazing Peg! You must wonder now how the heck you did it! Happy birthday to your wonderful sons xx

  4. Loved reading your story Peg.. Wonder how the young of today would cope ?????

  5. Lovely post, gosh it must have been full on when they were all so young together....

  6. Happy birthday to your twins, and what excellent photos of them! x

  7. Things were different back then - you would have had your hands full - even if there had been only 1 the second time.
    (But I do think your profile could so with some updating!!!...LOL)

  8. Ha ha just read Susan's comment about your Profile, Peg... yes it does indeed need updating LOL.
    They are wonderful memories of those days that were no doubt challenging, but look at you ALL, you got through it!!

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