Monday, October 17, 2016


My parents gave me a Kenwood Mix Master for my 21st birthday....LOL
and it served me well...really well, it had literally made thousands of cakes...
back in the day I was on 7 committees...
 how did I do that...
and all of those involved fundraising...and of course all of those meant thousands of cakes...
2 years ago the motor ceased on my Kenwood....
I had my thermomix, but to be honest I didn't like to make cakes in it....
I have lashed out this is my new purchase....
two cakes yesterday one for Occie and one for the boys at work....
Happy Monday

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  1. I bought my first Kitchenaide in 1973 and it was passed to a dear friend when I left the USA for the UK in 1981. She is still using it and my replacement received for Christmas in 1981 is too. May you create many tasty delights with yours.

  2. Happy baking with your new friend....


  3. This one probably won't be as busy as the old one - but will probably last a long time too.

  4. OOO a new toy and it isn't a sewing machine! LOL.

  5. It's red, so it goes faster! Mum and Dad bought us a Kenwood for our wedding present - same as yours, made thousands of cakes etc. I now have a red Sunbeam.

  6. Cakes seem appetizing! Good buy your mixer!

  7. It's worth treating yourself to good quality, just look how well your previous one lasted. Have fun testing it out.

  8. I have the same one, I just love it, and it always looks great on the bench! Happy creating!


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