Monday, October 10, 2016


I am still working on my de-cluttering....
this was last weeks effort....
these two bags were filled with small pieces of fabric that I had stuffed away in 12 containers.....
all filled with scraps that had also been colour co-ordinated....
I did years ago....why......!!!!!!!
shaking my head......

and ....there are four bags here....this was a tidy up of old patterns....
and some pretty terrible fabric....
my goodness my tastes have changed over the years.....
and there is still more to do....

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  1. Thanks for inspriing me to do more de-cluttering Peg. It's a bit warmer this week so I think proper spring cleaning can get started. I always wait until we no longer have the fire going for some reason (probably the dust it generates)

  2. Good morning my lovely friend,yep i have been doing the same,i am nearly finished,good luck with your decluttering Peg xx

  3. Must be catching Peg as I've also been doing this the past few feels good to get rid of clutter doesn't it. Good luck with yours 😊

  4. Hope its all going to a good home.

  5. LOL I did the same thing. Threw out some and have spent hours packaging some up in coordinating colours and labelling them to give away or sell at a small price at my patchwork group's trading table. Feels great.

  6. It's going to feel so good to have it cleared...


  7. A great feeling de cluttering, and yes Peg I'm with you the taste in fabrics of old does change, some of my old quilts bear testament to that, some of my container (not colour co ordinated) are so small you have to ask what would have been done with those, more space Peg, Lyn

  8. Even your trash bags are cute! I hope you can find a worthy recipient for your discards. Clearing up space frees my soul and mind as well as the space.

  9. Well done on your de-cluttering efforts. I am sure some craft group or op shop will appreciate what you no longer need. Did you discover anything exciting in the process that was long forgotten?
    Love the de-cluttering saying you had in this post, too!

  10. I'm so proud of you! Are you giving them away? I'd love some!

  11. Great work Peg, sometimes it's hard to let things go, good on you!


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