Monday, August 15, 2016

Grand babies

A gift from the kids to cherish.....Wrens footprint....

and here is our Occie Man......Poppy Jimmie got him all ready to go out with his Mummy and Daddy....LOL
how cool is my beanie...

and here I am playing with an antique door knob..its real heavy and makes a cool noise when I hit the floor with it....
(poor Moo Moos floor!!!!!)


  1. Oh so cute and working out already, just beautiful :)

  2. very cute.... weight lifting at such a young age.....

  3. Hello my lovely friend. Love seeing pics of your grandies,love that tiny wee footprint Peg xx

  4. Such cuteness!!!! Not even sre that's a word LOL. No amount of new toys is ever as good as things around the house. Hope your floor is okay hehehe.

  5. Truly a gift to treasure Peg, great! Occie Man is so cute beautiful boy, love the grape coloured quilt Occie is sitting on, many more treasured moments ahead of you all, enjoy.

  6. Love the footprint. How adorable.

  7. Occie and Wren are two precious babys! You are a lucky grandma :)

  8. oh he is a cutie. He is growing so fast. What a treasure that little footprint.Just like the ones they put on your heart.


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