Sunday, March 13, 2016

Occie Day

Friday was Occie Day....
Poppie Jimmie had his day of baby sitting...
Occie was picked up they called in and picked up a coffee for
Moo Moo,
that's me...
cuddles and kisses for me.....then home to our place...
and yes they did have fun
and there were more cuddles and kisses at lunchtime....
Happy Sunday


  1. Isn't he a cutie Peg, looks so happy, love that he's helping you with your quilting! Lucky you to have those cuddles and kisses :-) [Counting down the days till we see ours again!]

  2. Hello Oscar, more kisses and cuddles from me.XOXOXOXO you cutie...

  3. That smile just melts your heart, such a cutie pie. Did Poppie Jimmie need a lay down and a bex after bub went home or just a Poppy nap!!xxx

  4. Being grandparents is a wonderful time. Occie is irresistible.

  5. OMGosh...what a cuddle bug! Ahhhdorable!

  6. Aww hes growing up soo fast !


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