Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day with the Occ Man

Good Friday....
we had a lovely day yesterday with Josh, Teen, Teens sister and her partner and our
gorgeous little Occ Man....
we had lots of yummy fish....Josh and James caught that the previous week...
Teen made the most amazing cheesecake...
it was an awesome day...
hope you had a fab day as well
Happy Easter Saturday....


  1. good morning my gorgeous friend ,boy Oscar sure has grown heaps,so glad you had a great time with him Peg,those days are special my friend xx

  2. Aw so cute, great photos Peg x

  3. He is growing and looking so well!

  4. Gee he is growing so quickly. A gorgeous little man!

  5. Enjoy your little man! Is so precious!

  6. Great photos ! Pleased you are all having a fun time.


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