Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Perth

Chris and Kate already for Luke's wedding ....looking hot
Kate and Teen at Kylies hens day.... We did A tour of the winery's....
Luke the groom with Kate Chris's partner 
Teen, Josh and Oscar ready for the wedding 
Chris and the Occ man.....Chris is obsessed with this little man....
James and Chris solving the problems of the world.....
the man himself.... Oscar ...better known as Occcie man....
we are now home...
back to the real world or is it!!!!!!
thank you for reading my blog
keep safe


  1. Welcome home ! Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos Peg.
    Love the way Chris is holding Oscar...

  2. Hi my gorgeous friend so glad you are all home safe and sound,I love the pics Peg,Thankyou for sharing your special time with us,oh I love your little Occie man xx

  3. how precious...........such a fun time with the kids and partners..............

  4. Such lovely posts on your trip west and your son's wedding - good times had by all!

  5. Fantastic pics of your beautiful family.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday, Peg.


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