Monday, September 1, 2014

That time again….


Where did August go!!!!!!…..

It’s time for those tallies…….please….if you could send either Kris or myself a quick email that would be awesome, remember to update those sidebars…..

Hope you have all had a finish or two!!!!!!!….…..

Happy Monday, its the first day of the month and the first day of spring, woo hoo….….

take care, keep safe…



  1. Hi Peg,
    Just letting you know Tania is is hospital and isn't able to contact you, her figure for OPAM this month is 0 due to health problems. Thanks.

  2. Happy "spring" to you too! Bring on SuMMeR I it!
    Great job on OPAM once again! :)

  3. And Happy Spring to you dear buddy. You keep those girls on their toes lol..


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