Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Shez…

Guess what!!!!!

 Shez, is having a birthday….

Happy Birthday Dear Shez…hope you have an awesome day….

massive hug coming your way….xxxx

I would like to share another awesome song with you…..from another legend..

Happy Friday, take care, keep safe




  1. Is'nt it wonderful to have great buddies..especially when they are so special like Shez.

  2. Oh my Peg thankyou so much for this song it bought back so many happy memories,i still remember when this song came out and my cousin and i were on the swings at the clay bird shooting club and we would play this song over and over,love it.
    I am so blessed and Peg thankyou so much for being a special gorgeous friend,love you heaps.xx


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