Saturday, February 8, 2014


Please pop over and have a read at my dear friend Chooky’s blog…. to see what is happening to our farmers..

I have borrowed this quote from my dear friend Shez’s blog

I have lived out west all my life…I live in a rural community…….I have seen so many business close, one of them was a huge part of my life…..

I have seen farmers sell their farms, loose their farms to banks…….

we rely on our farmers….farmers are the backbone of our life out here…….as well as the backbone of our Country….

I was talking to a farmer on Thursday, he told me he didn’t even have grocery money, he was doing it so tuff…

I was very impressed with what Bubz had to say over at her blog….

Support our farmers……Shop Aussie…..Shop Local……



  1. Makes you cry Peg,hope things change for them soon and that they get their much needed rain.xx

  2. Well said Peg - so many of our Australians just have no idea how hard itr is for our farmers or how hard it will be for themselves when we lose our farmers.

  3. It's so tragic and hardly a word about it in the news.

  4. Sadly Peg it is this way in USA as well, so many farmers working so hard to lose it all!

  5. My Heart goes out to all the Graziers and Farmers out there Peg...

  6. "Farmers lot is a sorry lot"! its up to us "city dwellers" to support our farmers/primary producers by buying only Aussie grown/made produce. Just 4 days ago I was buying fresh apricots, but on seeing "produce of USA" on the register I asked for them to be deleted....I will only buy Aussie grown fresh produce.

  7. So hard for them isn't it Peg... and you can't help feeling bad when you know a farmer personally...

  8. Beautifully said Peg! It is so very sad and it just makes me so angry that the Government does nothing to help our farmers or to stop the import of all this foreign produce. I only buy Aussie produce...does it really hurt you to buy seasonally like we used too and that way support our own local producers.

  9. I agree whole heatedly. I only buy fresh food in season and only buy Aussie produce, if everyone did this it would really help.

  10. I totally agree and I think that is a worldwide problem. Here in the UK our dairy farmers get hit with European law and actually have to tip milk down the drain if they go over their annual quota, which is criminal when some parts of the world are starving. Running costs up and selling costs down are just two factors. Yet there is no government who is able to see that we need farmers to grow what we need to eat! My friend is a diary farmer and the stories she has told.........
    We check to see where produce comes from and I will not buy apples that are not grown in the UK. Kent is full of orchards so why import in the first place.
    I hope that rain comes very soon, ironically we have flooding here and many farms are under water and livestock has been lost or stranded on small areas of ground. I shall pop over to Chooky and say hello.


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