Friday, February 7, 2014

OPAM a bit of news…..


Well, the gorgeous Kris and I would like to give a massive big welcome to all our

92 OPAMers….

we are so very pleased you have joined us for 2014….we hope you all have a productive and fun year…..remember that OPAM is not a pressure thing, it is encouragement, and the sharing and showing of treasures that have been made…..

Normally we kick OPAM off in February…but Kris and I have received so many emails with January finishes we have decided to do a give away for January as well…

If you have January finishes and you have not yet updated your sidebar….as we have already done a blog hop, and you would like a chance at winning one of our prizes for January please send a quick email to either Kris or myself and we will update our spread sheets and that will get you into our draw as well as starting your yearly tally…

and if you would still like to join, I am sure that will be OK as well…….

Happy Friday, take care, keep safe



  1. that's a lotof us to keep track of.....

  2. love that quote Peg,have an awesome day my friend.xx

  3. 10 finishes for me in january. So happy with that.

  4. Thank you Peg. So glad to be joining you again for another year. Hugs....

  5. I'm late this year, but next year hope to be with you and OPAM again :)


  6. Two little stars - you and Kris. Thank you for organising OPAM for us. Hugs

  7. What lovely ladies you are keeping us all on track.
    Thanks Peg and Kris...

  8. That's fantastic - i will up date today and email you when I've worked it all out.

  9. Wow that is quite a few, I was hoping to sign up, am I too late? And what do I need to do.

  10. That's great to have so many ladies doing OPAM for the year Peg - it must be fun to see the numbers creep up as the year progresses...
    They are lovely gifts you sent to Mel for her birthday, what a pretty parcel of goodies x


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