Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nice people, nice things!!!









While I was doing some ‘general clean up’ in the sewing room (that’s when I found the kits, oh dear)…..I came across this….Nice People, Nice Things…..I really should do some more of this one I think!…it is a quilt as you go…..each block has a front and a back, the saying being the back……

Happy Thursday, take care, keep safe


The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists. 



  1. The saying is on the back? Too sweet for the back. What's on the front?

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  3. Yes you should Peg... this one is especially gaw-jous! :)

  4. I am so glad I have finished that quilt, beautiful but lots of work!! Enjoy!!

  5. Oh that is gorgeous but gee don't think I would put that beautiful stitching on the back.

  6. Your stitcheries are bee-oo-tiful! And this is the BACK... OMGosh, what is on the front? lol. Gorgeous, gorgeous... please show more.

  7. Ohh this one is too cute; you must finish it!

  8. Keep going Peg - love the colours.

  9. Gorgeous colours in this one Peg :o)

  10. Love the colours you've used Peg. You've inspired me to get mine out & make a start. Well soonish anyway have lot's of swap gifties to make first. :) Hugs,

  11. Peg, it's beautiful,I hope you decide to keep going with it... it's somewhat the 'mental' commitment with long-term projects, or those that just have a lot of work. I am very inspired by seeing this I must say, as I have the pattern set & it's on my Plan to start doing the stitcheries for it next year.

    And for readers not familiar with this quilt, yes there are stitcheries on both sides, it's a wonderful design

  12. Its lovely - fantastic fabrics you have used. How much more to go though??

  13. Those stitcheries are so sweet and touching!


  14. Yes....all 126 stitcheries!!!!!Mine's sitting there waiting too Peg!!!!......I reeeeeeeeally must get back to it...even have the fabrics cut out!!!....but I have finished the stitcheries, after 3 years!!!....too many other things to get done for 'special' occasions!!!!

    Love your colourful version....mine's a bit more pastel-ly (is that a word???? LOL)

    Maybe we should keep tabs on one another to get it done.....I know who'd win!!!! hahaha (big clue: it won't be me!!!! reputation precedes me!!! )

    xox super big sugary hugs

    Wendy :O)

  15. That's one of my 'almost brought it's Peg, when the mind tries to be logical & the heart begs for it. I got Life is Beautiful instead - I love Helen's designs. You threads look great. Tracee xx

  16. Lovely to see this. I still have the cards for the stitcheries hanging around somewhere. Maybe I should start ... one day ...


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