Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peg’s tip


Do you use these???

Wet Ones…

I do….

I use mine for stitching mess ups!!!!….do you ever get a little mark on your stitching, and wonder where that has come from!!!

Well, here’s my tip…. if you pull out two of these, put one at the back of your spot/strain/mark and gently dab at the front, do not rub, just dab very gently, it may take a minute or two but I have found that most spots just disappear!!!

So I always have a packet of these lying around….they do work on the hands as well…LOL.. 

Happy Thursday, take care,


Life is the game that must be played. 



  1. Thats a great tip Peg.......never tried it but will get some next time I do groceries......there are always little mishaps!

  2. I keep a pack of the Woolies baby wipes in the Chook Shed they are great for everything since I don't have water there....but I haven't used them for what you say........didn't think of

  3. Great tip.. thanks Peg... I like multiuse things...

  4. I've used them on just about everything but not stitching, will definitely try it. I do know they work a treat on lipstick stains.

  5. A fabulous tip, thank you so much.

  6. thankyou Peg for another great tip,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  7. Great tip Peg....definitely going in the stitching kit.

  8. Thanks Peg, I will put some on my shopping list. I have a habit of bleeding on my stitcheries, trying to watch TV instead of my stitches. Tracee xx

  9. A great idea, thanks my house my kidlets like to look at my stitching with their fingers lol


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