Monday, July 9, 2012

Just a bit of quilting…


Yesterday I was able to do a bit of cross hatching on my new project…this was done with the walking foot…



This cross hatching I have done on this block with my free motion foot….using another couple of gadgets I purchased from Quilters World..


This is a ‘sew slip mat’ and ‘quilting halo’…

Demo on how the ‘quilt halo’ is used…….

I am very impressed with these gadgets…..I tired the ‘quilt and tear’ yesterday as well…I think lots of practice is needed in my free motion quilting, but the product did work very well……

OPAmers…..468 finishes this month …well done to everyone….thanks for all the emails, photos and links to your blogs..…Kris has announced the June winners….

have a fantastic Monday

take care – keep safe


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  1. Wow Peg you are turning into the gadget queen!

  2. so pretty Peg cant wait to see it finished,thankyou for showing us these new gadgets,got to do peepers Peg for the 1st time on my xmas pocket,thankyou for explaining to me what they were,it was a while ago,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  3. I love my Sew Slip mat, and the quilt halo is okay, as long as I'm not using the BSR foot (it knocks into the halo). Enjoy your new toys. May I suggest that next you get some stencils and the Quilt Pounce (the powder box). I just acquired this and love it.

  4. Glad you used your sew slip and halo...only just did a bit of spin on mine the other day on some scrap fabric.......

  5. Looks very interesting Peg. What does the slip mat do? Can't wait to see it all finished

  6. Colours are so beautiful!


  7. That looks like this might help when I start free motion quilting :)


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