Sunday, July 1, 2012

A few spare hours…



End of Financial year so things are hectic in the work world…but I did get a bit of spare time yesterday afternoon to do a bit of sewing…

OPAMers, it is end of month again, thank you for the emails that we have already received…….please remember to update your sidebars and if you can send a quick email to either Kris or myself, that would be fantastic….

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday…

Take care, keep safe Peg

Karise Eden was the winner of 2012 “The Voice”….I am just blown away with this girls voice, please have a listen….


  1. Yes I am bracing myself for the EOFY - it really should not happen in the middle of the school holidays ... way too much work and having to juggle kids .... and no time to stitch.

  2. wow Karise is amazing,oops i had better check how many OPAM's i have for the month.Lovely sewing there Peg.xx

  3. so glad you found some time to be in the sewing room... a great way to relax after business...

  4. I'm having alittle trouble with sending emails today - so for end of June,I'm afraid it is only 3 childrens scarves, due to all the other busy - ness LOL

  5. I'm glad you have had a break from EOFY. I have to face all of that tomorrow.

  6. Good luck with EOFY, hope you find some stitching time. It's hard to believe so many hours in front of a computer screen can be so physically tiring but we know they are. I loved Karise & her story from the first moment, no one really came near to her. I hope she has a fabulous career & very good management. Tracee xx

  7. Nice and can see light is working great.

  8. Merci pour cette belle voix et que dire des paroles


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