Sunday, January 22, 2012






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OMG…how good was the tennis last night….well done to Leyton…GO THE AUSSIES… another good game tonight…..

Today I am finishing off my wall hanging….and yesterday afternoon after working in the morning I decided to organize my sewing rooms (I have taken over both the spare bed rooms)…I just shake my head, will I ever use it all……LOL…had fun touching and sorting it…..LOL

Happy Sunday…..

Take care Peg…..

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.


  1. of course you will use it all.........maybe..........well its nice to think that we will

  2. Your wallhanging looks fabulous and I know how you feel about too much fabric but I am sure you will use it all. xxx

  3. Great project Peg and I'm sure you will use it all.... I'm lucky too as I also have 2 sewing rooms so now I can buy more stuff lol.


  4. Your wallhanging is looking great!

  5. Gorgeous project Peg!! And yes the tennis was fantastic!!

  6. The tennis was good - looking forward to tonight and tomorrow night's games now.
    It is such a good idea to make use of your spare roomS. Why let them sit there with plenty of spare space when you could fill it up nicely. Way to go !!!

  7. such pretty stitching... yes, the tennis is great... so good I hardly get much stitching done!! Glad to hear you are not letting the spare rooms sit idle and lonely!

  8. 2 sewing rooms and the dining room? The wallhanging is looking great.

  9. what a pretty project you have there on the go Peg.xx

  10. I love appliqué
    it looks great.

    Where can i find the list of Opamers? The badge in your sidebar goes wrong.

    hugs from Germany


  11. gee - I think I need two rooms as well - lucky you ! I just made some wonky house blocks yesterday and I'm thinking I should take a photo of the mess on my table now - fabric everywhere - I'm going to clean it up tonight cause otherwise I won't get anything else done :) ps - love the applique flowers


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