Thursday, October 6, 2011

















Thank you for all the wonderful comments I had on yesterday’s post….showing all the goodies that I had

received from my FRIENDS swap partner Dawn…..above are the goodies that I had made for Dawn….

It was such a fun swap…once again Khris thank you so much…..



sorry I am a little late posting the winners

it was another very good month….442 finishes….

that is totally awesome…..Kris and I would like to congratulate everyone on their finishes…

and this months winner are……..drumroll please…

Kathy S…


Susan E

congratulation ladies, please could you contact me with your address so I can send off your prizes….

Over at Dawns blog  she is asking the big question….What’s Your Name and Why…..

so if you were wondering how some of the blog names have come about pop over and check out some of the links on Dawn’s post

some very interesting stories….

mine is simple….when I first started to quilt, my boys all thought it was a bit of a joke that their mum sewed….

I was the lady who never mended anything, if a hem was down I had been known to staple it, or even use sticky tape to keep it up……

and it was easier to throw it out than to try and repair it…….(I am still not that good on the mending)

here's my story…..

One day my number two twin, number three son was asked “what’s mum doing”…and the answer was ‘she is quiltin (no g),’

and then it was followed by ‘she's happy when she’s quilin”….

so that is how I called my blog “Happy In Quilting”…(with a g)….

have a fab Thursday

Take Care Peg……


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.


  1. a bundle of gorgeous gifts for Dawn......

    perfect blogname for you.........

  2. I like how you came up with your name Peg. I'm pretty bad when it comes to mending too! I keep putting it off. The worse thing is jean hems. My father is always buying jeans. He brings them over to be hemmed and says "no hurry". Not a good idea! Three or so months later he asks if I've found those jeans in my sewing room yet! When I do get around to them, it only takes about 10 minutes!

  3. what gorgeous goodies. Lucky Dawn. Popping over there now..

  4. congrats girls on your win,and i just love what you sent and received for the friends swap,its been fun seeing what has been arriving in the parcels.Love how you got your name Peg

  5. Lucky Dawn, beautiful swap gifts. We have all been spoilt in the friends swap, love it. Your blog name is perfect, says it all. Tracee xx

  6. Hey Sweet Peg! I had a good chuckle at how you came to choose your blog name ... can just imagine a little tacker saying "She's quiltin'" and being rather bewildered why something so girly could make you happy! Tee! Hee! Hee! I am SOOOO with you when it comes to mending ... I confess guiltily that I usually wait for my Mum to visit ... she is so much better at 'practical' sewing than me! :0) Hope your weekend is super-special and restful - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  7. Your swap gifts for Dawn are so gorgeous! You both outdid yourselves on this one. Congrats to all the winners and thanks for telling how your blog name came to be - I love it!

  8. oh Peg... your little boys answer is so cute... Mums happy when cute is that
    Hugs Dawn x x

  9. Beautiful gifts for Dawn....I had a laugh at your son's wisdom in discovering what makes his mummy cute are kids comments.....

  10. Beautiful gifts Peg. I can so relate to the "No Mending". Love your name story.

  11. Deligihtful story! Sweet gifts!

  12. Wonderful gifts for Dawn, lucky lady! I loved the story behind your blog name , so cute and it is a great name :-)

  13. Beautiful gifts that you sent and you do such beautiful handwork too..I am envious....blessings

  14. How sweet that your children know that quilting makes you happy.

  15. I love how you got the name for your blog, but it's so cool that your children, at least one of them, recognizes your delight in your quilting.


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