Monday, October 24, 2011

My decision……




These are the fabrics I have decided to use to make the lap quilt designed by Maree….

and I thought I might use ‘sandcastle’ (which is a quilted fabric) as the background..

here it is Monday again..hope you have a happy one….

Take Care Peg…

Quilt 'til you wilt.


  1. Oh, what lovely fabrics... the quilt is going to be beautiful!

  2. You have picked out some lovely fabrics for your new and VERY interesting project. Looking forward to see it grow.
    Here is sunday evening - I am on my way to bed now ...monday is on it's way here too. Wish you a good start of the new week.

  3. Looks lovely. I look foreward seeing the result. Hugs Jofrid

  4. love your choice Peg

  5. I love the color range of your fabrics. Maree will love seeing her pattern in those fabrics.

  6. Love the fabrics...would the sandcastle be a bit heavy?

  7. Oh they are Gorgeous Peg your Quilt will be Really Pretty in these...Great Idea with the B/G I should have thought of that..LOL
    Happy Sewing.

  8. Love them Peg....but I always love your choices, don't I??!
    Been to physio already this morning and have my back all taped my aim to sit at the sewing machine all day may be in jeapardy!!! LOL We'll see how it goes...plenty of other crafy business to catch up on anyway!
    have a great week sweety
    XXX sugary hugs
    WEndy :O)

  9. You do have quite a knack with choosing fabrics. They look lovely.

  10. Dear Peg, the fabrics look lovely (as usual!). I've finally found a way to use all your quotes! You know I love them, right? So, now I'm stitching them! If I need a quick gift, someone needing a pick-me-up or just a laugh, I just put it in a cheap frame and voila, happiness is served! So far, the grandmothers are just... have been stitched in Dutch and Turkish. This one I think I'll keep for me! Thank you!

  11. Great choice - this will be beautiful. I'm interested that you are using a 'pre-quilted fabric' as the background.. I haven't come across doing this before.

  12. Valley Forge by Nancy Gere, am I right? Love this fabric, it is sitting on my shelf waiting to be cut and sewn into Carrie Nelson's pattern "Elizabeth". It will look beautiful with your choice of pattern. Like Raewyn, I am also interested in the use of a 're-quilted' fabric as the background.

  13. Will look forward to seeing your progress on this one Peg.
    PS - Love you in your goalie outfit!

  14. Love your choice of fabric, I shall pop back to see your progress. (no pressure!!LOL)

    Chris xx


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