Saturday, April 23, 2011

TTS….more progress




I have finished my April blocks for TTS…I .just need to add the borders…

Beautiful day here today…..not much sewing….most of the day was spent doing some book work for my clients……but I do hope to get back to my hexies tonight….

Happy Saturday

Take care Peg…Open-mouthed smile

Sewing mends the soul.


  1. I'm loving these blocks,so quick and easy to make up.Told you,you'd catch up with the rest of us :) Barb.

  2. well done Peg you reminded me that i need to finish mine

  3. I think someone has their calendar backwards, Happy Easter and Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  4. Well Done on catching up...Noice.

  5. Hi Peg, I love your TTS stitcheries. I have to get busy on mine, I haven't done much the last few days but rest and lay around and it is starting to drive me up the walls so hopefully today will be an up and around day and a productive one too. I thought I had my TTS traced but can't locate them so I'll try again, then of course I'll run onto the other set (never fails, LOL). Have everything ready, just have to get my light box out again and get busy. Big Hugs...

  6. your getting there Peg the blocks look lovely........

  7. Looking good... I am dragging the chain!


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