Friday, April 29, 2011

more from Bliss……………….







I loved the Bliss range so much, I also made a couple of pot holders….

Retreat time again….we are heading our to Carols Farm today for three lovely days….

Lots of fun planned for watching the wedding of Wills and Kate tonight..……

Happy Friday, I hope your weekend will be as good as mine

take care Peg…Open-mouthed smile

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.


  1. Peg they are too nice to use,lo i love them the fabric is gorgeous,have fun at the farm

  2. oh Peg have a great time at Carol's farm........enjoy..........can't wait to watch the wedding either......

  3. Hope you've got lots of stitching prepared for watching the Royal Wedding. It's going to go for HOURS! :) I know Chooky has cleared her schedule!

  4. Wish I Lived out your way YOU Gals are always off somewhere for some Gal Time..Lucky You.
    Love the Pot Holders..
    I am off to work this Arvo..will be Sneaking into Rooms to get a Glimpse of THE Wedding...LOL.
    cheers for a Great Weekend.

  5. love the pot holders Peg and the beautiful table topper..
    Have a good weekend..

  6. Too lovely to use.....must make a mental note to buy some bliss fabric...I'm loving what I've seen on your blog...Have a beaut time at the retreat.....I'm gearing up for a royal wedding watch and stitch session too!!!

  7. They are stunning. Enjoy your weekend. I'm planning lots of stitching while the Royal Wedding is on. Should be a great night.

  8. I hope you girls have a wonderful time - sounds like an excellent way to watch the wedding. the potholders are lovely.

  9. I agree... way too nice to use Peg. Have a wonderful weekend... wish I was going to be there with you!

  10. They're darling Peg - have a wonderful time on your get-away!

  11. Lucky me thankyou so very much Peg i love all your RAK gifts you spoilt me rotten,i had no idea that these beautiful things were for me.
    bigs hugs and have a great weekend.

  12. Peg, your potholders and the tabletopper are lovely.
    I hope, you have a GREAT weekend!

  13. Hope your enjoying your retreat and getting heaps done!

  14. I am sure you and the girls would have had a great weekend ;)
    It was great to catch up on Thursday....ended up getting a new battery for the car when I got
    I also love Bliss and have some sitting in the cupboard waiting for me to finish the Farm Quilt....

  15. I'm sure you have had a great weekend- wasn't the wedding wonderful to watch and the dress just beautiful- which is more than can be said for some of those hats!!

  16. Very nice, Peg!
    OPAMs for April: 2 quilted pictures, 2 table runners, one knitted shawl. May I have your address to send the opams direct to you?


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