Friday, March 27, 2009

Just a bit more on Nundle....

The very talented Rosalie, Leanne and Kerry

Would you believe me if I said I have this in a kit to do....!!!!!

How Cute, double click the photo to get a closer look.

Cath and Karri, two very talented ladies...

Dale and Peg (me) we have not idea what we are doing, but as the day wore on the penny did drop
Tanya and her gorgeous daughter Jessica

A few more happy snaps from Nundle.......


  1. Holy Moly Peg, were you guys ever busy. The butterfly quilt is so cute and the pink quilt with all of the stitching...well what can I say, adorable! Along with the Mellie and Me animals, well they always make me smile;)

  2. Wow, Peg -- what an amazing time it looks like you all had! That little quilt you have the kit for is gorgeous!

  3. Hey, you girls look like you had way too much lucky girls!!
    Lovely to see whose who...
    Can you please tell me whose pattern is that red work, (looks pink) is. thank you..
    Julia ♥

  4. Great pics Peg!And NO I would not believe that you have a kit for that quilt!! hehe

  5. That little hippo in the second photo makes me smile!

  6. YES I Believe You for sharing more pics I love seeing them...
    cheers for a good weekend

  7. It looks like you all are having so much fun!

  8. Hey Peg
    I have finally 'surfaced' after Nundle!
    Love all your got some beauties! Guess who left her camera at home?? Old Nanna
    I love the table runner you made for Sherri...she is a very lucky lady.
    I am having a lazy morning catching up on all the blog reading.
    Take care

  9. How's the punch needle going?? Hope that you're having fun getting all those projects finished!! Did you buy anymore kits while at Kerry's?!

  10. Fun time. Yes, I believe you have the butterfly quilt kit. You must do it. It is too pretty to stay in a kit. LOL

  11. Was sure I had Commented yesterday - oh, now the penny drops - I just filed pics of you two gorgeous girls, together! Loved the pic and now am just going through the Birthday Fat Quarter Swap List and realize you two live side by side - or across the road? - how wonderful is that? Am absolutely thrilled with my birthday fabrics, Peg, please thank Dale, too - will post a pic when I have time! Oh, that has made my day!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  12. I would believe you Peg - Looks like you all had a fantastic time

  13. I also have the Butterfly garden in a kit to do :)

  14. I can't see a kit in site Peg...just some gorgeous fabrics and a few patterns. Now what is wrong with that?
    Your work is stunning and I just love the table runner you made for Stephanie's swap. simply beautiful>


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