Saturday, February 16, 2008

My blast from the past....

Chookyblue had a bit of a blast from the past....she was bringing out some sewing projects she had done back at school, I think hers was more in primary school, well look what I found, I made this pitiful little baby outfit in 1st Form (Year 7) aged 12.....(no never used it for my boys) I think ribbon was to be threaded thru the top seam, check out the sleeves.....I am hoping I have improved a little bit.....thanks Chookyblue.......


  1. oh Peg your work is pretty good shame the boys didn't wear for posting some old sewing.........

  2. Great nostalgia!! Brings back memories, doesn't it?

  3. That is very interesting that the school would get you to make a baby's outfit at age 12. It isn't something that you would use at all. I can't remember what was my first sewing project in school - I think it was an apron. In high school I made this beautiful Melton Wool jacket - I have no idea what happened to it.... ah the memories :)))

  4. Gee, You were so good at sewing since you are little kid! What a precious stitchery outfit with memories. Thank you for sharing!


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