Monday, January 28, 2019



Please email to me Narelle  with your snail mail address and I will sent the quilt to you.....
Once again.....
a massive thanks to all our OPAMERS OVER THE YEARS...
it really has been a most amazing and a truly rewarding ride....

and to the most amazing, awesome co-host that
any one could ask for....


  1. Hey Sweet Peg! Thank you SOOOOOOO Much for being my Partner-In-Crime for the last 8 years and my blogging buddy before that ... and after of course! :0) We sure have seen a lot of fantastic projects in our time with OPAM ... and I'll try to do as good a job solo this year. :0) Gorgeous little quilt and congrats to lucky Narelle. Take care, Sweet Friend! Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  2. Huge thank you Peg for all the time you spend with Kris organising OPAM. It's helped me finish many projects over the past 8 years. XXX

  3. Well done to Narelle, and thank you so much for co-hosting OPAM! It's really encouraged me to finish projects x

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  6. Oh my! I've just got lost in the start of a new school year and hadn't popped back here, sorry. Thank you for such a lovely surprise xx

  7. Congrats Narelle... and a HuGe THANKS to you Peg for all your hard work.
    I'm so pleased Kris is carrying OPAM on in 2019.
    Recharge your batteries now & enjoy every day...xox


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