Sunday, January 14, 2018

2018 Possible Goals and Hopeful Intentions….

2015 and 2016  I completed all my very very old flimsies…I must admit it did feel good…

these are a couple of the really old ones…..that were completed not that long ago….

my dear friend Julie has been so amazing with all the quilting….


so now, its time to do something with all that fabric I have….


these are my first three challenges….very old fabric…

Happy Sunday

Take care

Keep safe


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  1. Like Bonnie Hunter says, "just cut that fabric up." Doesn't matter how old it is. Make a scrappy quilt. She has some freebie patterns on her site at Good luck!

  2. Awesome effort Peg. Looking forward to seeing what you and your lovely fabrics create xx

  3. The fabric might be old but I just know you're going to create some lovely items with them Peg...

  4. Oh Peg, I need to follow your example..... Lovely fabrics and I'm looking forward to seeing what yo make with it...

  5. I just love what you did with those nine patches, and it is so much fun to see those fabrics again!! I display the table runner you made for me on the roll top is so lovely.

  6. Good luck. I’m sure you will get them done.

  7. I love the title of your post especially Hopeful Intentions. We always have big plans but then distractions come along. Good luck!

  8. Love the nine patches...... Good luck using up your old fabric......


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