Sunday, December 3, 2017


Opam 2017

I am so very sorry I am so late with this post…My darling partner in crime Kris and I hope you all had a wonderful month and I am sure there were loads of finishes….

Also I had a SPECIAL birthday, I turned 60….

I have no idea where all those years have gone, but am so very grateful that I am still here, as I know there are many who are not……

I suffer from Vertigo, have done for lots of years now, very lucky that it has only put me in bed on a few occasions, mine seem to ‘just happen’ lasts maybe 10 minutes, (spinning, nausea, to focus is really hard) and I then just feel YUK until things settle down….

I have a question for any other VERTIGO suffers, as the last few weeks have been quite bad….




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  1. No tips..sorry. I have have it very occasionally but it is annoying and mine, like yours, only lasts a short time. It's really scary when driving! Hope yours improves.

  2. I'm sorry about your spells, it must by scary when it happens, especially unexpectedly. But Happy Birthday anyway!!!! Welcome to the club!

  3. i sometimes found it was triggered by insufficient hydration...

  4. Happy 60Th birthday my dear friend...... No help on the vertigo...... Just hope I never get it.......

  5. Happy 60th Peg. Sorry its been marred by horrible vertigo. I had a vertigo virus last year and it was truly horrible and never want it again.....I feel terrible for you if you suffer this advice for you I am sorry....just a hug xxx

  6. Oh dear Peg, I'm sorry to read that your special birthday was marked with your vertigo. I too live with episodes of this every few months, but mine subsides after a few days.
    I really encourage you to talk to your GP about treatment & management. There are options available, & the success of them varies from patient to patient. You really don't want an episode that results in a nasty fall or injury!

  7. My mum would feel for you Peg, as she has been suffering from it for most of the last year. The only thing the doctor seems to offer exercises to retrain your brain. I hope yours eases up. Other than that, I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  8. Oh gosh vertigo is not nice at all... take care ... and congrats on 60 - a grand milestone and time to be enjoyed as a grandieparent...

  9. Oh Sweet Peg so sorry you suffer from this.....not much fun!
    I do,have 1 OPAM this month but I just can’t get the photos up....I spent over 4 hours yesterday but I will try again today!
    Happy Happy Birthday....what a wonderful milestone!

  10. Happy 60th sorry you weren't feeling well for it.. Sorry no remedies for you Vertigo...

  11. My husband was suffering from vertigo and finally he went to physio for realignment of crystals in inner ear and exercises to do daily and when he gets dizzy. When he lifts his head up high to get something, that triggers it. He has to stop for 10 seconds and repeat the same motion that caused the dizziness. Repeat this same action 5 times until the brain accepts that this action is normal and then he is ok to go. He also takes meds when he starts (not when it is full blown as it takes longer for meds to react) to feel really dizzy and that helps a lot.

    I really feel for you because when I saw what it was doing to my DH, Lordy, that is not fun at all.

    Congrats on turning 60! That is a definite milestone!


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