Sunday, November 12, 2017


It was time….

my boys did not want my stuff….

they actually called it another name….LOL..

so, we hired a skip bin…


so much stuff…

lots to go to the second had place as we…

heaps to Vinnies…..

and oh so much in here……

I am so very proud of myself….

Happy Sunday

Take care

Keep safe


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  1. OMG you are soooo brave Peg, my son uses a different word also lol

  2. Good for you! I have been decluttering very slowly, one space at a time. I probably should make a big massive effort like you are doing.

  3. I just know that feels good.....I can feel it!

  4. Kids can be soo mean--what do you mean you don't want my stuff--this is very important stuff and means something to me--are you sure you can't use it?????
    I know--my kids aren't into my 'stuff' either--I did alot of decluttering before my move to Fl from NY 2 years ago--then I did some a couple months ago here--I haven't boughten much since I moved here--so where does it come from????
    Proud of you for decluttering--keep it going--you will feel great when it is over!!
    and so much 'lighter'--
    enjoy the moments, di

  5. Wow that is big time......... Go girl it is a great job done once it is done........

  6. Good on you Peg. I need to declutter big time myself but it's getting started. I think about it & then i get overwhelemed. I need to start soon as i want to move from here & i really don't want to cart all this stuff with me. :) Hugs,xx

  7. WOW! What a great job Peg... need to do some decluttering myself.

  8. It is a big job but very worth doing. I wish you luck. This way, someone else who wants it will get it.

  9. Cleansing the soul. I need to do that too. You will have so much more room if you fill that bin. Enjoy beautiful xx


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