Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pudding Time……


Stitch A Long…..

Michelle Ridgeways amazing pattern

I have started my puddings….I lost the plot with the placement of the of the icing, I am hoping my boys don’t notice!!!…LOL

Happy Tuesday

Take Care

Keep Safe


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  1. Hi Peg woow you are doing so well i have been meaning to get mine ready for the last week and still havent done it,you have spurred me on my friend ,well done Peg xx

  2. Good on you - two done and the icing looks just right!

  3. I love lots of icing = tell them you did it especially that way as a personal touch....

  4. They look good enough to eat . No calories woohoo! Love your icing. More realistic lol.

  5. Lovely work Peg... not sure what you're seeing with the icing, but it looks great to me!

  6. I have startwd my pudding as well, doing needle-turn, eeeek. Think I have bitten off more than I can chew, reckon I shuld have stuxk with fusible, will have to persevere.

    Your puddings look fab.

  7. Your Pudding Blocks look good to me.. Must get my organised..

  8. Your puddings do look delicious.

    PS My blog is back up after months of problems but you may need to re-follow. Cheers.

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