Monday, April 10, 2017


I mentioned that my biggies boy was home for a visit….

He went fishing on Friday with his dad, brother Josh, that is Occies Dad and some friends, due home today….

here he is with one of his catches, it looks like it was a successful weekend…


Because our big boy is home, his other brother Chis, this is Wrens dad as well as our Katie girl are coming home today for a few days….and I am excited…we are going to have our three boys together….the only family member missing is Kylie, Luke’s wife she is getting ready to leave Cocos Island to start her new job….


Happy Monday

Take care and keep safe


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  1. Nice looking Cod. Where do they go fishing? It will be fun at your house with all the boys there together lol

  2. lol love the last pic peg i can just imagine you that excited,lol.Boy your boys sure know how to fish,so good for you to have the boys home,have fun Peg.

  3. What fun...just love it when the guys get together!

  4. That's some fish!! Family time to look forward to. .wonderful!

  5. The baby looks so happy in front of the camels and horse. Too cute!

  6. In there in spirit Peg! I'm dreaming of the cooler weather!
    Sorry I couldn't make it this time!

  7. That will be so much fun having them together!


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