Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My girl Wren…..and my boy will be home for a visit…..



Our very happy grand daughter Wren Olivia…..I could gobble her up she is so cute…..

The count down is on…..

My Big boy Luke is coming home for a visit..he is the one who lives on Cocos Island….well not for long…..Kylie his wife has a new position back in WA…Northern…She starts there in the new term …….


The Mumma is excited we have not seen him since the wedding early last

year….and he has not been to Narromine since my Mum passed away….

thank goodness he calls us every couple of days…’s like he is here all the time….

Happy Wednesday

take care….keep safe



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  1. Hermosa bebé! Felicidades por la visita, siempre es grato recibir a los seres amados!

    Ya tengo listo mi OPAM de Marzo, la estrella de Nell, te espero por mi blog Abrazos desde Colombia!

  2. Good morning my lovely friend,how exciting for you both to have your boy and little Wren visit and how cute your little girl is,such a happy baby,big hugs to you Peg xx

  3. Oh they're just so yummy when they're small!

  4. Wren is so cute! Great that you hear from your son regularly.

  5. That is exciting. Bet you can hardly wait!!

  6. So adorable....Have fun...we have a son coming today...whohooo

  7. Oh I could gobble her up too.. Wren is sew adorable 😘😘😘😘
    How exciting having Luke and Kylie move back to Aus and to Northam....not too far from us and I may get to meet you when you are visiting one day...Yeh!

  8. very exciting..... technology is wonderful but there is nothing better than a real live hug is there..

  9. That's so nice Peg. Lovely photo of wren.


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