Thursday, November 19, 2015





not much sewing….

But, a bit was done last weekend…

Progress report…on health….

Back to the specialists yesterday

Stitches are all out and the results….

Lots of tests….a few more even on Tuesday…

some  of my levels were up…ANA’s were up….. which still shows Lupus is still there but no real indication that this was due to that or  not …

nothing real specific in all the biopsies…showed a few ab-normalities….

it looks as if the steroids did there job…fingers and toes are crossed….could have been allergic reaction… may have been viral…..stress may have been a factor….

in a nut shell, no real answers….if it flares up again….back to the specialist

massive hugs to you all for your emails ….messages……and your concerns…….xxx


Best News…..I have been able to see my grandson Osca….

spent several hours there yesterday afternoon



Remember to treasure all that is precious to you…..

and to always smell the roses….

Happy Thursday, take care, keep safe





  1. Hope you get some answers soon, Peg. Glad you are able to see Oscar for real - that's something lovely to lift your spirits. Take it easy. xx

  2. Well fingers crossed it is going away and hoping you continue to get better. Best medicine holding that little man, he just keeps getting better looking every time I see beautiful..kiss him from all his blogging auntys..x

  3. So glad you finally got to hold Oscar again. Hope you continue to get well. Hugs,xx

  4. Now that is he best news Sweet Peg......thinking of you and sending Hugs xo

  5. Glad you're feeling better, were able to visit your grandson, and nothing serious showed up in your test results. Hope you continue to feel good! XO

  6. He is such a sweet baby Peg. Take care my lovely friend.

  7. Hope it all continues on and you feel better. Enjoy all those catch up cuddles x

  8. Glad to hear things for your health seem to have improved, even though I am sure you would have liked to know what it was.... Little Oscar looks so comfortable and I'm sure he was pleased to see you!!

  9. Great news there is nothing serious to be wonderful to be able to cuddle wee Oscar...

  10. Good morning my lovely friend,just as long as you are feeling ok my friend,bet Oscar has grown since you last saw him,i am so glad you got to have cuddles again,take care my lovely friend xx

  11. Hi Peg - so wonderful you've been able to spend some time with sweet Oscar. He's beautiful. I hope you have no more symptoms.

  12. Oscar is absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad you got to spend time with him. Hope you recover completely very soon

  13. So very glad you got some grandma time with Oscar - and that there's no serious problems with your health - you are hereby ordered to spend as much time with Oscar as possible, in order to stay healthy!!!!

  14. Hi Peg. Just catching up on blog reading. Here's hoping that your health continues to improve. Glad you can snuggle with that little man again.

  15. I am pleased you are making good improvement and especially because you are able to see Oscar. Also lovely to seeing a little sewing sneaking in.

  16. Glad to hear you are back on the mend Peg and can now see little Oscar again.
    Gotta love daily photos xxx


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