Thursday, October 1, 2015

Back at it….




I hang my head in shame….

S.A.L.  Stitch A Long

I sort of lost the plot there for a few months, it was a bit more than a few months!!!

but I am hoping I can get myself back on track…

I did some work on the weekend preparing a few more blocks….

OPAMers please update your sidebars and if you can send either Kris or myself a quick email that would be fantastic…

its a new month  please have a good one!!!!!!


Happy Thursday

take care

keep safe



  1. This is going to be such a beautiful quilt

  2. Hey Peg darling it's just sewing, you will get there when you want to or you can. You are always doing so much anyway. Happy birthday to your hubby for the 30th. I have been a bit slack on checking blogs lately. Have a lovely day.

  3. Good morning my lovely friend,yes i agree with Jenny its only sewing,you will get there Peg,you have had other things coming along. I do love your blocks my friend and i hope you have a wonderful day xx

  4. I know that this is not in keeping with SAL deadlines, but sew what makes you happy honey! I'm sure will finish it in good time.

  5. Well since I'm deputy whip cracker I can't let this one go and say sew what you like when you like!!!
    I was updating stuff this morning and looking at those who are lagging behind and noticed you - and was wondering if you were getting back to it - or turning it into smaller projects...So, I'm glad you are back on track - I love the colours you are using - and am looking forward to more posts - and on the SAL too...

  6. All in good time hon...I love that pattern so much! And you have been very busy, I scrolled down to see what all I'd missed and I just love all your quilts - especially the one with the sailboats!!!

  7. don't worry Peg you will get there, I just finished my SKOW also as I was feeling bad :)

  8. Good on you. Keep plugging away. It will be worth it.

  9. I am working on the same months as you Peg....keep going as I will myself.

  10. Better late than never! It is looking lovely so far.

  11. Good luck getting back on track. Your blocks do look lovely.

  12. Your colours are gorgeous, glad you are back on track. Ive just finished those dreaded diamonds, about to jump on my machine :)


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