Monday, August 17, 2015

Baby singlets




Yesterday was a sewing day for SUIF… (pop over the girls do amazing work)

as always, we had a lovely day,

I was working on some singlets…

its only 10 weeks until our grand baby is born…

woo hoo!!!!!!!

Happy Monday. take care, keep safe




  1. Oh love all the singlets, your grandson will look adorable in them !!

  2. they are so cute Peg oh the time will go quickly and then you will be holding that special little Boy

  3. So very cute. And the time is going soooo fast isn't it... you'll be a nanna before you can blink! xox

  4. Hi Sweet Peg,these are just the cutest Singlets,he will be the best dressed little man in town,enjoy your day my friend xx

  5. Your background picture is beautiful and peaceful. I am a tree person. Live in Little Rock, Arkansas. If I could figure out how I would send you a picture of the tress in my backyard. They give me pleasure every day.! Happy grandmothering!

  6. The baby singlets are beautiful, I bet you are having so much fun doing all this baby sewing.

  7. Your little singlets are so cute Peg. I bet you're counting down the days

  8. Cute singlets. Hmmm, I may make some myself for someone who is having their first baby in December.

  9. hey grandma ..a boy is it? they are so cute . That time has gone so quickly.


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