Friday, August 1, 2014

Jeans for Jeans..OPAM…Thermie Cooking


Month end again…….where has July gone

time to get those tallies happening….please update your sidebars and if you can email either Kris or myself that would be fantastic

hope it has been a good month for you…..


Caramel Macadamia Slice…made in my thermie


Zucchini Cake made in my thermie……

these were both so yummy…I hope to do a bit more thermie cooking over the weekend…

Its that time again, have you signed up..if not please pop over and visit Dory…


Don’t forget to wear your jeans today…..


S.U.I.F…our new group bl0g…

Carol has made the cutest little fellows please pop over HERE to see what she has created….

Happy Friday, take care, keep safe



  1. Yummy food, wish I could reach in a grab some for my morning tea.

  2. got my work jeans on today.......only the cows will see them though........and they will be dirty when the day is done.........

  3. This looks fabulous. But, pray tell, is a thermie? I could not find anything of that map name on the internet.

    I didn't get a thing done this month with my knee surgery, next month, I will have some things done.....hopefully!!!

  4. Oh Yum..they look soooo tempting.

  5. Nice goodies to enjoy today...
    Okay will pop my jeans on, thanks for the reminder.

  6. Save me some of that yummo zucchini slice please...yummmmmmmm

  7. Put the keetle on Peg, I'm coming for a cuppa and some of that yummy food!

  8. yummy thermomix goodies! they do just about everything except feed you! LOL Finished 3 finishes for was a biggie, the queen wedding quilt and another table topper as well as a cushion for a magazine which I can't show yet.
    getting set up for favourite time of the week! xox

  9. Those look yummy, I need to check out more about this thermie!! And if I'd had time to check blogs before work, I would have remembered to wear my jeans!!!


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