Saturday, August 10, 2013

running late….



Hello everyone…so who has stolen my days…come on, own up….LOL..

Running a bit behind…….sorry…..

OPAM well done to all our wonderful OPAMERS417 Finishes…’re all amazing…congrats to you all…

Please pop over and visit my best ever partner in crime Kris and she has listed our July winners, but I think we are all winners when we get a finish for two…..

Happy Saturday, take care, keep safe




  1. This year is just racing by. I hope you find some of those missing hours over the weekend.

  2. Losing some work days is ok. Hope the weekend days hang around long enough for you to enjoy them.

  3. Maybe I pinched them.... I am sewing about 14 hours a day at the moment.
    Promise to send them back when I am done with them.

  4. It certainly is ridiculous how fast the months are going. Great number of finishes for OPAM. Thanks for all your encouragement. Hugs.....

  5. Hope you find some of those hours for today, Peg. Have a great day.


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