Saturday, August 25, 2012

A special gift..




A gift for me….a lovely young fellow that DH and I have known for many years dropped this around for me the other day, it belonged to his Grandmother and he thought I might like it……

Like it…..I love it….so very thoughtful of Scotty to give it to me….does anyone have an idea of what year these may have been bought out, would appreciate any help, thanks a lot…..

Happy Saturday, take care, keep safe


Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out. 


  1. What a lovely surprise,maybe try googling Singer sewing machines and see what pops up??? Have fun finding out about it :) Barb.

  2. Lucky you! I think we all hope our sewing paraphernalia will end up in a good home, so it's lovely that he thought of you. I have my husbands grandmothers old Singer, and I found out quite a lot of info just using the serial number. I'll send the link.

  3. Wow!! It's very pretty and love the colours!! I bet it stitches like a dream!

  4. It is gorgeous , don't you just love the color .There is a way to find out the year , just go to Singer and enter the serial number which is usually right there on the right hand side at the bottom of the machine and it will give you the year of manufacturing .Sorry I don't know the website but I have done this before with success , good luck.

  5. Use the serial number and go to the Singer site and you should be able to pull up info for it along with any booklets they have for it.

    Here is one you can try:

    Hope this will help you out some.

  6. oh peg isnt that wonderful,what a lovely and thoughful young man.I was on a blog and she collects these and she gets alot of her information off the internet,hang on i will pop over and get her link for you Peggy.
    Connie uses her singers to do all her FMQ on,hope this helps.xx

  7. Aren't you one lucky lady.
    We had a green one similar to that from the early 50's.
    Enjoy researching.

  8. That is a special gift indeed! :0)

  9. Lucky you - what a lovely surprise and nice that it has an appreciative home to go to. Have you had a sew yet?

  10. What a beauty Peg, that is a very sweet gift, good luck in your research.

  11. What an awesome gift...lucky you!

  12. What a wonderful gift. you are indeed a very lucky girl.

  13. Hi,
    The website that Wendy has left is the one that I used to date the singer hand operated machine that I picked up from a charity shop. Look on your machine and somewhere there should be a serial number.
    The printout that I have has a list of two letter prefixes to the serial number is likely to have two letters to start if off. But type in any number that you can find on the machine.
    I actually found my exact serial number and managed to date my machine and work out where it was made. The two letter prefix indicates where it might have been made. It is very interesting and fun researching it!

  14. oh Peg that is a wonderful present......lucky you.......

  15. What a wonderful treasure to be given..

  16. That is a wonderful gift, Peg...enjoy!!

  17. Lucky you !! Vert sweet of the young guy ;-)

  18. WOW - what a lovely gift, it's beautiful! And I bet it sews like a dream!

  19. Hi Peg
    A wonderful gift you've received.

    I'm about to start my first tiny quilt, so I've been surfing the quilt blogs - what a feast for the eyes!

    I've seen a blog button for OPAM 2012 on many blogs, yet when I click on it I can't find a link to the original site that explains how it works.
    I'm thinking of joining in 2013.
    Can you point me in the right direction?
    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Shane in NZ

  20. It's a wonderful gift for a busy quilter. I don't know anything about the machine but it's probably made to last.

  21. How thoughtful is that? What a lovely gift for you and I can't think of anyone nicer it should be given to!! He must have known how special this would be to you x

  22. A while back I was looking for something like your gift. We went to garage sales and finally found one. Its the greatest old machine. I sew heavier weight items on this machine.
    Happy sewing to you...K

  23. What a fabulous gift! Looks like it's in really good shape as well.

  24. Bonjour Peg.
    J'ai reçu moi aussi une machine à coudre avec son meuble d'une amie qui était à sa mère aussi des année
    1950. Quand j'irai mieux je vais vous là montrer sur mon blog.
    Elle est rose. J,étais très contente.


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