Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Garden






My Garden…Lynette Anderson……just a little bit of progress…..I know, I have said this before, but I am really enjoying these stitcheries…


and these two, are my twin sons……today they turn 27….where has that time gone……Mummy loves you……

(I hope you like my quote today…as I totally believe this one)

Happy Tuesday

Take Care Peg….

It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins.


  1. Lovely block with great details.

  2. Happy Birthday to the twins - that is such a cute photo... and the stitcheries are lovely - I'm not surprised you are enjoying them so much

  3. Happy Birthday to the boys. I'm stitching this Lynette Anderson project too. I'm up to block 3. Your blocks are looking great.

  4. Happy birthday to your sons. I'm sure they kept you very busy when they were little. That's a great saying. We thought we were expecting twins with Nelson but then it turned out just to be him! Hugs, Christine

  5. Your Blocks are looking Gorgeous...how Cute were Your Boy's as Bubs...Happy Birthday Boys...

  6. Awww how cute are your twin boys and sharing a basket together,lol happy birthday guys,have an awesome day filled with love and laughter.
    Peg your blocks look fantastic,well done

  7. Yep - that saying sure is true.
    Wishing the young men a Happy Day.
    Now those birdies are seriously cute - Lovely work as always.

  8. Happy Birthday to your sons, such a cute picture of them when they were babies and I love the quote and since my boys are really close in age I agree with this one too. Lovely stitcheries , you always do such lovely work.

  9. My Garden is looking lovely Peg. Happy birthday to your boys. That is such a sweet photo - hope they still get on just as well as they did then!

  10. Happy Birthday to your little cuties. Your blocks are looking great Peg.

  11. Happy birthday to your boys :)

  12. Lovely stitcheries (as always) and a happy birthday to your twins. Hope you all have a great time.

  13. Hi Peg, happy birthday to your twins, they were so sweet I hope they are so now. The stitchery is gorgeous, I love it. See you soon... Mari
    My English is very bad. I want to say a lot of words but I can´t.

  14. Happy Birthday to your twins!!! What an adorable pic of them in the basket - so sweet!!!

  15. i love your blocks they are gorgeous,
    i particuarly love that you set them in a log cabin...i have always wanted a log cabin quilt..

    happy birthday to you twins, hope they had a great day

  16. Happe belated birthday to your boys! So much fun being a twin-mum! My twins are 14 yrs. Identical twins.
    Your "My garden" is looking soooo great! I'm waiting for mine to arrive in the mail these days, it's just so gorgeous! Guess I'll be working on it during Summer holidays.
    Have a great week,

  17. Your My Garden is looking fabulous, Peg....the colours are just lovely.....Hope your boys enjoyed their birthday celebrations...you really must have been busy in your earlier life!!!!...one at a time has kept me busy enough, couldn't imagine double of all at once.....I like the saying for the day....suits you....

  18. If those stitches were a real decor in a garden, then the place would really be a blast! The birds and the fountain look good together. That's actually the usual scene one can see in beautiful gardens or parks. Hmm, how about butterflies, though? They're always in flowery gardens. Auuhh, it must be so relaxing seeing those in person.


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