Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Gardeners Journal (lots of photos)













starting from the left…….Lynda, Cheryl, Peg, Bec, Fee, Dale, Anita, Dawnie, Chooky on the ground, then Cardy, Lea and of course Anni…….I need to add the links…..





Show and tell of the completed “A Gardeners Journal”….How good do they all look…..congratulations to everyone…..they all look totally awesome…..Last year at Nundle we set ourselves a challenge….to make Anni Downs “A Gardeners Journal”…Chooky started the Stitch A Long blog, and lots of other people  all over the world also joined in…….so much fun, I was so pleased that I finished my quilt …..Thanks Chooky you did an amazing job with Stitch A Long…..and of course we must thank the amazing Anni for designing this fantastic quilt….

Happy Thursday

Take Care Peg…..:>)


The important thing is to strive towards a goal which is not immediately visible.  That goal is not the concern of the mind, but of the spirit.


  1. Excellent job!
    I always find it fun to see the same quilt done in different colours/styles and placed next to each other. Makes you appreciate how unique each on is, even though they've all come from the same pattern.

  2. they look fantastic peg, just one thing... who is who, it would be great to know ...fellow bloogers and SAL gals n all.

  3. Thanks Peg,Great for me to put persons to quilts or v.v.... LOL
    Seems like you all had a super time
    at GDITC, love seeing all the pictures that lots of you have posted. Wish I was there:-))))) And of course thanks a lot for the great idea to stitch the GJ. I did enjoy it ever so much.

  4. was hoping someone had pics of all those hanging in the glad we made the decision to do the quilt by this year..........

  5. Ok now I get why everybody took Gardeners Journal quilts with them :):) The pics look great all the same yet not two alike

  6. well what a sight to see all those beautiful quilts,all the same yet so different,well done girls a mighty job achieved

  7. So nice to see them altogether! Well done all! Nice to have a goal or two!

  8. Wow - that just blows me away! That's a LOT of GJ quilts. They're gorgeous!

  9. I'm always amazed how a quilt can look so different by simple using different fabrics. These are lovely! Congrats to all for the finishes.

  10. Woo Hoooooooo.....I KNEW you would get it done in time!!!!! No doubt in my mind!!!! LOL
    they all look, what's next???? hehe
    lotsa sugary hugs
    XXX Wendy :O)

  11. The quilts look amazing Peg, it would have been great to see them in the flesh .... so to speak.

    Great piccies.


  12. They are all so lovely - so different but so lovely!

    I love your saying for today - can I steal it? LOL

  13. All the quilts are perfect! Thank you for all those pictures!

    Best wishes,

  14. Wow! Like everyone else, it is so fun and so many wonderful ideas come from seeing quilts made from the same pattern, yet they all look so different, every one of them is beautiful. Of course, this is one of my favorite patterns too and is at the top of my 'must have' list! Thanks so much for sharing the photo Peg. Seeing all these gorgeous stitchery quilts makes me want to really get busy. I finally plan to do some stitching today for the first time in two weeks...good thing too cause I was afraid I would soon start having 'stitching withdrawals', LOL. Hugs...

  15. Wasn't it nice to see all the quilts hung together.... Beautiful

  16. Wow Peg how absolutely awesome! Annie must have been so chuffed to see them all and know so many people have made her quilt. Great photos!

  17. Looking lovely, and such different looks, even mine looks different, wish I was there too.

  18. that is so beautiful! what a wonderful show and tell


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