Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kindness…and my boy…


Kindness…..Bloggers never cease to amaze me….I have the privilege of being OPAM co-host with the lovely Kris….The other day I received a parcel in the post from Kris….with these gorgeous goodies and a note that said…’Just a little something to brighten your day during the end of financial year slog’…and yes it did brighten my day….and touched my heart… are a treasure Kris….mwah….



Now this is my boy “Ollie”…..he is one very spoilt spoodle….he loves sleeping in Dads chair and this is his favourite sleeping position….


and here he is again…just before he has his bath….it takes two of us about 15 minutes to dry him and that is using the hair dryer, his hair is very thick and curly……….one would also call him a high maintenance dog…..LOL…..

hope you are all having a fantastic day

Take care Peg…:>)


  1. Not spoilt Peg, much loved :-))
    Just like my babies :-))
    Happy stitching, P

  2. What a little sweetie, he is! We have a Maltese - smaller than Ollie who takes less time to dry - but longer to bath I'm sure because as soon as she hears bath she disappears for hours, little devil!

  3. No doubt getting him in the bath is a whole new :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  4. Peg, you are just as crazzy as lots of others doglovers ;-))) - myself included. I am sure Ollie wouldn't want to live somewhere else than with you. He knows you love him and care for him. We have a street dog from Greece and he is member #4 of the family and #5 is our 7 years old rabbit.
    Hugs from another crazzy animal lover,
    Anne-Mette :-).
    PS: beautiful gift from Kris. Enjoy it!

  5. Ollie is a fine looking boy...I bet he's a real character!

  6. Kris is a gem isn't she.....hope the EOFY stuff is done or getting done! How cute is Ollie....! Rosie's favourite spot is on the chair with the flannel quilt as well!

  7. Oh what a cutie!

  8. Oh, Ollie is so cute...Lovely gifts from do a great job with OPAM..
    Julia ♥

  9. Awww.... so sweet, both Kris and Ollie!


  10. Hey Peg! It's lovely to have you co-hosting OPAM with me ... your energy and drive continue to astound me! Glad you liked your little 'just cos' giftie. We can all use an unexpected sweet surprise from time to time! :0) And what a ham is your Ollie! I can see he has a career as a supermodel coming up! Tee! Hee! Hee! Hope the coming week is a litle less hectic for you. Big Bear Hugs! KRIS

  11. Oh Peg, you sooooo deserve it! and it looks like Ollie enjoys a bit of spoiling from time to time too!!!!
    big warm sugary hugs
    XX Wendy :O)


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