Friday, October 30, 2009

Retreat time...yippee....

Mild Chicken Curry it made,
so is the
Avocado Onion Dip,
Crunchy Veggie Dip,
Chocolate Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting,
the bags are packed, (I just can't pack light...LOL....)
and the sewing gear and lots and lots of projects,
more nibbles just in case..... and yes refreshments,
So what else is there....
and the best company will also be out at Carol's farm for our three day retreat...
have a great weekend everyone...cause I am going to have an absolute blast...


  1. HAVE FUN!!!! I know you will - and would you look at all those bags, lol!!!!!

  2. Have a great time Peg. All that food sounds delicious & the cake looks yum. Hugs, Jeanette

  3. Have fun! Retreats are the best!

  4. Have fun Peg!! Have room for me in your bag?? ;-)



  5. Have a great weekend Peg. Hope you get lots done, eat heaps, laugh even more and make wonderful memories.

  6. Hi Peg, have an absolutely wonderful weekend. Enjoy all of your yummy goodies and the company of your friends.
    Would be interested in your chicken curry recipe if you wouldn't sharing.....please.....pretty please...

  7. Those bags are for how many days??? Have a wonderful time, Peg. By the way; I found the mag at home with your stitchery patterns;hope mine will be as nice as yours have turned out to be. Have fun!

  8. Woohoo Peg! Have a great time - you can't have forgotten anything with that great stack of stuff by the door.

  9. Have a great time! All that yummy food! Have just made your Date, caramel and walnut slice and its delish! Thanks heaps for the recipe! Lisa

  10. oh, lucky you, I hope you'll have a great time (I am SURE you'll have a great time) :-)

  11. I am sure you will have a great time. Cake looks really YUMMY!!!!!

  12. Oh... I want to retreat like you.. the menu sounds fun. Can't wait to see what you work on, with all your projects packed up.

    P.S. I found you via the Online Fall Quilt Festival. I think I will follow-you to see what you come home with :-)...

  13. Bet you are having a great time at the retreat!Your cake looks like a master piece.

  14. have a ball! that cake looks fabulous!!

  15. Have a fantastic time. You might have to send me that recipe for the Avocado Onion dip. I love avocados.

  16. That cake looks sooooo goooooood .... and you were away for just the weekend, right? :o)


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