Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lovely day...

Saturday...we slept in, then DH and I cleaned the house....we were very naughty for lunch, hot chips, chicken salt and gravy, sat out in the sun with the boys (Ollie and Tarj - the dogs) and the chippies were just lovely, yes we did share with the boys and Bonnie next door......and this is today's project "A Whimsical Gift" a little stitchery by Natalie Lymer - Cinderberry Stitches, I just love here work....I hope to have this finished tomorrow...I hope you are all having a great day....


  1. Very cute little stitchery;) I see that you're getting a jump start on your holiday stitiching;)

  2. Very nice stitchery and you are forgiven for having chips with chicken salt and gravy must admit I enjoy them to sometimes,
    Hugs Mary.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day. CUTE stitchery and I spy a cute little hanger too.

  4. Love her stitcheries as well, enjoy the rest of your weekend

  5. hello there,

    I have recently found your blog and I am truly inspired! I am new to the craft of quilting and sewing, only recently completing a tilda stitchery which I made into a cushion. I was wondering if you had any advice on where to start with quilting, any starters websites or blogs you may know of would be a huge help and much appreciated!

    my email is Blueberry-heart
    My blog is Blueberry Heart
    Thank you very much

  6. Just beautiful Peg, I love her stitcheries too. Must get myself some.
    Glad someone else in getting in to the Christmas spirit.

  7. For us on the other side of the pond, can you tell me what hot chips, salt chicken and gravy IS??
    I can't even imagine....

    Cute pattern..

  8. Love your stitchery and the hanger too!

  9. LOVE the stitchery and the hanger - honestly, everyone in the whole world must stitch faster than me. Must be the bifocals, lol.

  10. It's fun to be naughty sometimes, eh?
    Love the stitchery, is it a gift or for yourself? Can't wait to see it finished :^)

  11. Ooooh Yum!! Hot chips and gravy ... mmmmmm!!!
    Love your Christmas Stitchies ... I haven't even thought about Christmas stuff yet, I really should. 'Cinderberry' stitcheries are so gorgeous aren't they?!
    Joy :o)

  12. Another fabulous stitchery! Your work is so fabulous.
    Your lunch sounds like a lovely treat!


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