Saturday, December 6, 2008

Can you believe it more prezzies...

How spoilt was I on my birthday......During the week I received this gorgeous plant from another very special friend in my life, June......the plant is called "Venetian Bridal Veil"...June also gave me some lovely quilting labels....I go out and admire this every day June it is truly magnificent...thank you so very much June.....

When I came home for lunch on Friday....I had a parcel....and look what was inside this amazing bag, another of my very special blogging friends Marc made this for me... raw edge applique, I just love it, with a matching dilly purse (I will use this for the lippy and stuff)...chocolates, yummo, and a 2009 Friendship Calendar...this is one of the sayings in the calender......"Friendship is someone who visits for no other reason than to see you....."
Marc thank you so very much I really love all my treats.....I do hope everyone had a grand day today......


  1. very nice. will the plant make flowers?
    cute bag.

  2. What wonderful friends, sounds like a wonderful birthday! The plant is really beautiful!

  3. The bag is beautiful. You have great friends.

  4. Oh, I love that bag, and a very Happy Birthday to you!


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