Monday, December 17, 2007

Outdoor cushions.....

I have just completed these 9 cushions....very simple....yes Moda fabric again......they will be used for our outdoor setting and I have also made a plain aqua tablecloth for the table....(when my DH cleans up our patio I will take a photo of table/chairs/cushions and cloth) check out my darling little rooster, he was given to me by all my beautiful friends from "Club Quilt" I keep saying I am truly blessed.....


  1. the cushions look great.
    I have a quilt I have been making to use as a table cover for our table on the patio.
    maybe this will be the year to finish it!
    I could use cushions out there too.
    thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Oh Peg, they look beautiful. Love the aqua contrasting border. Can't wait to see them on your setting.

  3. I'll check them out over the fence. They look great.


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