Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mystery Swap...

Our club have done this little swap twice....paper bag swap...we have a group of people and we all do a row, which will be the first row of our quilt, this is put into a bag with a list if instructions of what you would like or not like in your quilt, you can even supply the fabric if you want, if not you can just have the fabrics that person would like to use .....then each month someone else takes your bag home and does a row, no one sees what the others are doing, and this goes on until all people who are in the swap (generally around 8-10 people) have made a row to go with your original row, this all goes into the the end of the swap you get your bag back with these lovely completed rows and then all you need to do is turn these rows into a is a fantastic fun way of doing a quilt.........the dark one was our first swap done about 5 years ago and the light one was done in 2005 (I think)


  1. I'm a flannel lover too - love it! Love your idea of the swap with rows. I am in the middle of a friendship quilt with our craft group. We are doing boarders, starting with a middle block. It is so exciting watching them as they grow, although we haven't seen our own until the end. It will be 12 months in the making. There are 2 boarders to go.

  2. what a fantastic idea... and what gorgeous quilts...
    well done
    luv Abby


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