Thursday, January 13, 2011

Appeal…and a bit of show and tell


Toni from Make It Perfect has organized a huge online auction,…all proceeds will go directly to The QLD Government Flood Relief Appeal… please pop over and have a read…. Several bloggers have already listed their auction items…. Maree… Fee….. Jen…. Julia…Manda……Joy……Julie……very generous donations from these gorgeous ladies…I am sure they will raise huge amounts of money for this very worthy appeal…Please pop over to my mate Kris’s blog…her post today is a very good read…..


AT the end of last year I was in a Pillow Swap …..and this is what I made for my swap partner Heleen.. (not like me to take just one photo)…


And I have had a bit of fun making these “Snap Happy” bags…the opening has a section of an old measuring metal tape threaded thru, which gives it a  nice secure close…

happy Thursday

take care Peg…:>)….

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  1. Thanks for bringing the Auction to people's Attention Peg Really Apprecitate it....
    Sorry I haven't put up a piccie yet of your Gorgeous Gift I will get there...decieded to have a little bloggy break so I can concentrate on making some sewing kits...
    talk soon

  2. Beautiful cushion, and I love the snap close bag! Must find out how they are made....

  3. love the snappy happy made me very happy........

  4. The auctions are such a wonderful idea, as is the Gum Trees gang's idea. I need to do a blog post about this myself.

    Love your gifts for Heleen, so beautiful! And that snap bag is fantastic!

  5. Just Beautiful Peg!!!
    Very impressed with your Mug Rug on previous post too...must add to my 'to do' list!

  6. I am enjoying the pillow so much! The notebook comes in very handy with planning the Gambia Day event we are working on it....I did try to get some pictures, but unfortunately my sisters photo's didn't get accepted by my blog! I will however get around to posting them, along with everthing else I am finishing at the moment. Dear Peg, I am happy you posted a picture, so people could see. Thank you!


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